Keeping up with his video game diaries introducing players to distinctly Japanese PSP titles (e.g. My Summer Holiday, Diamond And The Sound Of A Gun Shot), Eastern Mind has posted a preview of Kenka Bancho 3, or Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble as its known in the states.

Though Atlus shipped Kenka Bancho in the States last week and you can now play it in English yourself, I have a feeling most gamers haven't followed the title or don't know what it's about, so this walkthrough of its half hour should still be useful to most of you. It goes over the game's core concepts like the "Menchi Beam" trash talk confrontations and beating up students/gangs.

"Kencha Bancho: Badass Rumble is [possibly] one of the best-ever adaptations/translations of a game originally designed in Japan," says Eastern Mind's Bruno de Figueiredo. "Normally, games such as this one would hardly ever leave their country of origin due to the constant cultural references which most would not be able to understand."

"Somehow, translators were able to find the right words to match the atypical style of the original game, preserving the integrity of the series. In short, it feels like you’re playing a genuine import only Japanese title: only the Kanji and Hiragana somehow turned into their best possible English versions."

Atlus actually released Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble through PSN yesterday for $39.99, so if this preview catches your fancy, you don't even have to drive to a store and risk having wannabe Banchos bullying you just to get the game on your PSP.