Just in time for Christmas, Pelittaako has scanned in and uploaded video game catalogs from Epyx and Ocean, offering previews for the publishers' current and upcoming game selection. You should have no trouble picking out gifts for your gamer friends/relatives after flipping through these pages of previews and overly enthusiastic promotional copy.

You might, however, find it difficult to find a kid who will actually want a copy of Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge, much less one who has a console to play it on. Perhaps it's best to stick with this year's releases when shopping for gamers (unless their retro nuts), and not actually fill out your gift list with products from decades-old catalogs.

I've included a few pages below, but you can browse through the Epyx and Ocean catalogs here. Whoever designed Ocean's pages looks like they were inspired by the background patterns from Saved By The Bell's intro.

[Thanks, Morris!]