In case you're wondering who those 11 million users are that Zynga lists as daily FarmVille players, it's not just bored dudes at work, stay-at-home moms, and all of my cousins; apparently, it's also rapping college freshmen.

The group is already working on a second rap for another Zynga game, YoVille, explaining their diss in the above song, "Btw when we said YoVille sucks in the game we meant Mobsters. YoVille and Zynga games are great." I doubt anyone's buying that, but I wonder what prompted the change of heart -- a re-evaluation of the game after the recording? Zynga moneyhats? Escalating beef with a rival YoVille rap group?

Though I was tempted to make fun of these guys for wasting their youth on playing social games on Facebook and shooting music videos at a grocery store, I remembered that I spent too much of my own Freshman year playing NeverWinter Nights and hanging out at internet cafes. At least these dudes got 20,000+ views out of it.