Indie game designer Gregory Weir (The Majesty Of Colors) posted two new online games over the weekend, Paladin 0 and The Mold Fairy. Both are free to play and are very different from each other.

Paladin 0 (pictured), a "three day prototype about virtue", is a vertical-scrolling one-stage shoot'em up designed with the Flixel framework. In the game, your ship cannot keep up its shields and fire at the same time, so you'll need to dodge shots/enemies while charging your laser shot before blowing up gates or enemies. It's much more difficult than it sounds!

Weir describes The Mold Fairy as an experience "in the vein of Majesty of Colors and How to Raise a Dragon", in that choices are available that affect outcomes. You explore areas searching for different fungi as the humans around you talk to themselves and reveal their dilemmas. Using the molds you've found, you can help or ruin their day.

The developer also revealed that he's currently working to produce "a procedurally-generated Metroidvania" created with Flixel (Paladin 0 was partially constructed as an experiment with the ActionScript library) for October.