It should be unsurprising by now to see a video game-inspired film diverge from its source material in order to (unsuccessfully) present a more compelling film, especially when its based on a fighting game, but the amount of liberties taken with the upcoming King of Fighters movie is astounding.

I can accept that they cast a caucasian actor to play Kyo Kusanagi and that MaggieQ's lean frame doesn't quite match Mai Shiranui's curvaceous figure (though I'm sure many other series fans will find this unacceptable), but Terry Bogard as a CIA agent? And the whole tournament takes place in another dimension?

Make sure to watch the entire actor and director commentary above to hear why the King of Fighters movie is a lot like Fight Club, and see Iori Yagami dressed up as a hockey goalie for some inexplicable reason.

[Via Chairhome]