Ad agency Tribal DDB Asia Pacific came up with 3D McNuggets Dip as way to "raise the profile of Chicken McNuggets" among technophiles, winning over patrons who didn't necessarily want to eat McNuggets but also didn't mind dipping virtual versions of them. After all, "McNuggets were made for dipping" is the product truth, according to the firm.

To get customers to play the game, McDonalds locations in Asia gave out puzzle cards with an augmented reality marker and code. Card holders would take the item back home, unlock the game on McDonalds' website, and use their computer's webcam with the card to play McNugget dipping activities. Wild!

The biggest shock revealed in this video, though -- other than the fact that visitors to the site played 30,000 unique games -- is McDonalds Asia's selection of dipping sauces. Malay Satay Sauce? Ichiban Curry Sauce? Garlic Chili Sauce? Those sound delicious! I've been settling for Sweet n' Sour and Barbecue sauces this whole time like a chump.