Paramount Digital Entertainment revealed another Stephen King game, Pet Sematary for iPhone/iPod touch, though this is based more on the 1989 film starring Dale Midkiff and Tasha Yar than the horror novel. I wonder what the reasoning was behind developing a mobile game for a 20-year-old movie that hardly anyone ever thinks about except for when TNT/Sci-Fi/Chiller airs it to fill up an afternoon block?

In the game's 15 stages, undead birds, cats, dogs, and humans are roaming your neighborhood, terrorizing your neighbors. Your off-screen character is perched on a roof with a rifle, picking off the zombie-fied pets with each tap on the handset. It looks like you'll have other weapons at your disposal, like a machine gun, too.

Unlike the planned The Dark Tower project, Pet Sematary is available now through the App Store for $.99. You can see more screenshots from the game below.

[Via @fort90]