Wiley's Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture book series aims to show the relevance of philosophy in your life by expounding its ideas with familiar faces and examples from TV shows, movies, music, comics, and other media. Each edition focuses on a different pop culture phenomenon like Family Guy, 24, Lost, Twilight, and now Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy and Philosophy: The Ultimate Walkthrough seeks to accomplish more than just examine the Square Enix series' philosophical issues and compare Mages and Moogles with Machiavelli and Marx; it also claims to give you "a psychological advantage -- or at least a philosophical one -- against your Final Fantasy enemies."

Promising essays written by "academics from around the world", the paperback tackles major moral theories, nihilism, madness, environmental ethics, shintoism, and the purpose of life. It also asks entertaining questions like these:

  • Does Cloud really exist (or should we really care)?
  • Is Kefka really insane?
  • Do game characters fear death?
  • Are Moogles part of a socialist conspiracy?
  • Does the end of the game justify the means?

You can read an excerpt and find more information on the 240-page book at Wiley's product page for Final Fantasy and Philosophy: The Ultimate Walkthrough.