After releasing Metal Slug Anthology on the PSP way back in 2006, SNK Playmore seemed like it was finally bringing a new entry from the beloved run'n gun series to Sony's portable with the newly announced Metal Slug XX, which releases in Japan late December.

After examining the screenshots and trailer at the game's official Japanese site, however, Metal Slug XX looks a lot like a remake of Metal Slug 7 for the Nintendo DS, which would explain why the PSP title is presented in a god-awful 4:3 window (with the exception of the instructor-flirting Combat School mode).

Metal Slug XX will have some fresh elements like new enemies and ad-hoc multiplayer (the DS game was single-player), though. But the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade port of Metal Slug 7 will have two-player support, too, so you might want to wait for that instead.