You might have already seen some videos floating around for Scope, Frank Larsome's SIGGRAPH award-winning augmented reality project seeking to merge tabletop games with video games by combining tangible toys and virtual gameplay. To accomplish this, the setup uses two camera-equipped head-mounted glasses, multi-markers, and any old toys you have lying around.

The newly released demonstration video above shows how you can call up different weapons, put up a shield, measure movement, cast healing spells, and even turn on camouflage with the toys and their marker menus. The weapons have a limited range, and it's possible for objects blocking your figure's shot if they obstruct its field of vision.

"In this surreal situation, a child gets to use his old toys as weapons or tools in a fantasy virtual world where his is the superhero and superpower," explains Larsome, currently a student at l’École de Design Nantes Atlantique and ENSAM Angers-Laval's Presence & Innovation Lab.

"The [Augmented Reality Tangible User Interface] allows for the concept to push forth the virtual parameters commonly used in video games like power, life, magic, experience, attack, weapons etc. The objective of this project is to create an imaginative and engrossing environment while still creating value for old discarded toys."

You can see a few more photos and videos of Scope in action below:

More clips, photos, and concept art are available at Larsome's site.