Wil Overton, an artist at British developer Rare and an illustrator for UK mag NGamer, published Smart Bomb, a new comic anthology with a video game twist. He enlisted the help of his Rare co-workers, like Ryan Stevenson and Eddie Sharam, and other artists to help stuff its pages, too.

The product blurb reads, "We guess the best way to describe it is a modern day, video game-related version of those old British adventure comics of the 70s and 80s like 2000AD, Battle, and Action. There's 40, full-colour pages packed with adventure, action and excitement and it's all-ages friendly too, so there's nothing kids can't see."

While the magazine is geared toward kids, what with its free HACK cards, poster, and activity page, it's still an enjoyable read as an adult. And not all of the comics are video-game themed -- Double Dragon, for example, actually follows a chomp-filled brawl between a T-Rex and a Dragon.

You can purchase a copy of Smart Bomb from Overton's online shop Dinkybox, or you can read the full digital issue online here.

[Via Nintendolife]