Polytron's Phil Fish (Fez) presented his other game currently in the works, Power Pill, at a recent Montreal event. Developed in collaboration with Infinite Ammo's Alec Holowka (Aquaria, Marian), the iPhone game has you playing as a cure-all pill navigating its way through people's bodies.

Power Pill takes advantage of the iPhone's multi-touch capabilities and enables you to expand, shrink, or rotate the smiling character while you squeeze through passageways and avoid touching the walls. It reminds me a lot of Soul Bubbles and Irritating Stick, both of which I love.

One advantage this iPhone title has over those two games, though, is that Power Pill will have a built-in level editor, if all goes according to plan. You can see the proposed editor explained in the video above, taken from Fish's Montreal presentation.

Fish also posted his slides from the presentation at his site, several of which I've included below:

[Via Infinite Ammo]