Sega can add one more feature to its list of things it does that Nintendon't: ushering you closer toward lung cancer (that's right, I'm one of those jerks that's judging you for smoking).

Banpresto, the same company that brought you the excellent Pac-Man series of lighters, revealed two new Zippo designs fashioned after its Genesis/Mega Drive and Saturn consoles. While these hardware modifications and miniaturizations render the systems incompatible with cartridges and discs, they now accept cigarette-based media.

That cool (or nerdy, depending on which crowd you ask) factor comes at a cost, though -- a ¥10,500 cost to be exact ($114). That's the price of a later day Genesis, as Andriasang points out, and you don't even get a Sonic the Hedgehog game as a pack-in.

Expect these to hit Japan and import shops this December. I'm pretty sure that we'll see this line of Sega Zippos expanded, as it would be criminal if the world had to go without a Dreamcast lighter.