A 35-year-old man identified only as "Jan H." says he thought he was playing Silent Hill when he shut off the electricity at Sophia Hospital in the Netherlands last April.

Though no one was severely harmed during the 45-minute blackout, elevators were stuck and workers at the hospital had to manually respirate patients in the intensive care unit.

In a court trial that ended last Tuesday and found him not guilty as he had "no idea of the true consequences of his deeds", Jan H. claimed he suffered a psychosis when he infiltrated the hospital's basement.

According to a report from Dutch tabloid De Talagraaf translated by 24 Oranges, he believed he could acquire a toothbrush by pulling the levers and switches that controlled the building's electricity.

As strange as it sounds, this seems in line with Silent Hill's goofy puzzles, like stealing a pair of tongs from a bakery so you can reach an out-of-reach key in another room, then using those keys to get into a book store (Silent Hill 3). And just to get this out there, Konami, if this is some sort of twisted promotion for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, that is so not cool.

[Via Letselliot]