To celebrate the nomination of his game as a GDC China Independent Games Festival competition finalist, indie game developer and former Infinite Interactive designer Aaron Styles released a new demo for S.H.M.U.P, an abstract horizontal-scrolling shoot'em up for PC and Xbox Live Community Games.

S.H.M.U.P has a much more casual approach than dodging a ridiculous torrent of bullets with a fragile ship. You still need to evade incoming shots, but the focus is on defending your wall and upgrading your group of circles. Says the developer, "[The game] doesn't need pixel perfect positioning, lightening reflexes, or for you to remember bullet patterns. All you need to do is make stuff explode."

Styles also points out the chiptune-inspired soundtrack provided by Bart Klepka and Multifaros, Twitter integration (which he argues was implemented "months before any commercial game announced it"), and "Extensive modding capabilities.

You can download the S.H.M.U.P demo from the developer's Charcoal Styles site. You'll also need .Net2.0 and XNA 3.1 to play the game.