I held back on reporting HBO's recent trademark registration for a possible True Blood game -- it pained me to not plaster GameSetWatch with JPGs of Bill the vampire baring his canine teeth and snarling, "Sookeh is mine!" -- but this news of the premium cable channel filing a trademark registration for Eastbound & Down that includes "interactive electronic games" is just too much.

The full list of goods/services mentioned in the filing: "sports helmets, interactive electronic games, headphones, earphones and earbuds, mouse pads, [and] pre-recorded compact discs featuring music from an ongoing comedy television series."

What would an Eastbound & Down video game even entail? Jet ski stages with your coked out, topless "girlfriend"? Minigames in which you throw cinder blocks through car windows? A face-off at a used car lot sale where you have to strike out your baseball rival? Count me in! (also count me in for a Kenny Power autobiography book on tape, please).

And now, a very NSFW video of Kenny Powers best (or worst) moments:

[Via superannuation]