Tuna Technologies' (Cletus Clay) Andrew Crawshaw created a line of sketchbooks geared toward developers who like to quickly draw their portable game ideas, cutscenes, level layouts, title screens, and user interfaces before creating digital mock-ups or prototypes. Each sketchbook includes full system templates and exact-size screen boxes for the Nintendo DSi, iPhone, or PSPgo. Many of the screens have gridded layouts and room for storyboard ideas.

"As a videogame artist and designer, I often find myself sketching out ideas for games; what a game could or should look like, what should be on the screen, how big everything should be, how one menu screen should transition into another… anything and everything," explains Crawshaw. "It occurred to me that having a ready-made template would speed things up. I could concentrate on being creative, knowing that my ideas were being drawn at the correct size and resolution."

"So for a number of years I’ve put together templates for games devices and their screens, printed them out, and started scribbling away. Which is great, but eventually you lose track of them all. You doodle an idea one day, and then before you know it, it’s lost under a mountain of other paperwork. What I really needed was one place where all my ideas about games for specific devices were kept together in one handy place. And that’s why I designed these sketchbooks."

The sketchbooks run from £8.25 to £9.50 ($13.50 to $15.56), and are available to purchase through self-publishing site/retailer Lulu.com. You can see photos from inside the products below: