It's the end of another week, so it's time to go through the top full-length features of the past week on big sister site Gamasutra, plus some GameCareerGuide features of the week.

There's some pretty neat stuff in here - including interviews with Rocksteady and the Runic Games folks, the latest detailed NPD U.S. game sales analysis, and some nuanced discussion on violent gameplay, as well as the latest Game Career Guide Challenge results (featuring the pictured Edgar Allen Poe!) and a new Challenge.

Blasting caps:

Working by Torchlight
"Runic Games' Travis Baldree and Max Schaefer talk to Gamasutra about next week's debut of PC action RPG Torchlight, plans for an MMO incarnation, launching into 2009's PC market, community empowerment, and essential design concepts for the action-RPG genre."

Kill Polygon, Kill: Violence, Psychology, and Video Games
"It's true, many video games have violent elements in them. But what does that mean? We talk to Silent Hill producers, abstract indie game creators and the Grand Theft Childhood book co-writer to look at the pluses and minuses of violence as a tool for expression in games."

NPD: Behind the Numbers, September 2009
"Gamasutra's latest comprehensive NPD analysis looks at the U.S. console retail figures for September 2009, with spotlights on the music game genre, hardware price cuts, Wii, console DLC and more."

Beyond The Button Press
"What opportunities are there for games that innovate using audio? LucasArts' Jesse Harlin takes a look at what new audio control possibilities technology has brought us, in this article originally published in Game Developer magazine recently."

Rocksteady's Sefton Hill Unmasks Batman: Arkham Asylum
"Director Sefton Hill of Rocksteady explains how his studio stayed true to Batman's "strict rules" when creating Batman: Arkham Asylum new immersive world."

Sponsored Feature: Who Moved the Goal Posts? The Rapidly Changing World of CPUs
"In this Sponsored Feature, part of Intel's Visual Computing microsite, Shrout and Davies examine the 'shift in processor architecture and design over the last few years' that has changed once simple rules regarding CPUs and computer chips in general into a 'much more complicated scenario'."

GCG: Results from Game Design Challenge: Literary Inspirations
"Delivering a game based on a book is tricky, but that's just what we've asked GameCareerGuide readers to do in this latest challenge; see the results now!"

GCG: Is Modding Useful?
"Our latest feature discusses the relevance modding experience has to landing a job as a working developer -- checking in with developers with a modding background for their opinions."

GCG: Game Design Challenge: Photographic Interpretation
"In our latest challenge, we ask you to take a look at an interesting photo and turn it into a completely original game concept of your own choosing."