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Back on a very tentative GameSetLinks schedule, but still with a great deal of work to do, this set of links is headed out by something I happened to see on cable TV recently - a really REALLY cheap deal for Rock Band and Rock Band 2 plus a full band kit, directly from MTV/Harmonix. Wonder how many warehouses of RB1 they have left, then?

Which doesn't mean to say the franchise isn't doing well, of course. Also in here - neat triangle diagrams, personal game addiction experiences, Halloween game costume wackiness, the New York Times on iRacing.com, and plenty more.

Cha cha cha:

RockBand79.com - RockBand Xbox 360 PS3 Game $79
They're advertising this in infomercials on MTV2 right now - Rock Band 1 and 2 and full band kit for $79? Ouch, somebody has a lot of leftover stock.

Blurst: No More 8-Week Games
Interesting changes here: 'We’re returning to Plan A. We are halting development of our 8-week projects and beginning longer-term development on Off-Road Velociraptor Safari.'

I Kept Playing — The Costs Of My Gaming Addiction - gaming addiction - Kotaku
A remarkably honest discussion from a Kotaku editor about a life semi-sacrificed to EverQuest, and a rare spark of humanity in game blogs/media in general. (Not that I'm expecting them to talk about emotion, but I like it when they at least consider it.)

Vintage Computing and Gaming | Archive » VC&G’s Halloween Video Game Costume Ideas (2009)
Another fun yearly novelty Halloween update from VC&G's Benj Edwards, heh.

For Virtual Racers, a League of Their Own - NYTimes.com
I've been fascinated by iRacing.com (from the ex-Papyrus devs) for a long time - here's a great NYT piece on it.

Taking Inventory » Blog Archive » The 15th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition
"Haven't seen a lot of people post about this, so a reminder - IFComp entries are available for playing and judging..."

The Big Triangle « Words on Play
"Oo, game mechanic triangles - fun!"