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Continuing a month or so's round-up of neat links (and on that front, we're going to have a new weekly column starting tomorrow that'll help defray things when GameSetLinks goes on hiatus at times!), here's some pieces you might have missed, starting with a Petz developer discussing the making of a fashionable franchise addition.

Also in here - a British childhood with a friend's influential dad, TV game oddness, physics-based Flash games, and a number of other esoterically compiled links that may or may not bring you joy. Hopefully the former.

Pen knife apple:

Expertologist » Dogz and Catz Living Together, Mass Hysteria
Wow, one of the creators of Petz Fashion: Dogz and Catz holds forth. And you know what - care goes into a game like this, too.

Elder Game: MMO game development » The Tragic Story of The Cussing NPCs
'The following story is an imagining of what may have led to the sad tale of the cussing NPCs in Champions Online. It is all conjecture based on past experiences with very similar issues.'

A Youth Well Wasted / Chapter Three « Collect
Ah, childhood nirvana: 'My best friend’s Dad was the Vice President of Sega Europe. Thanks to this I was afforded certain perks.'

CHEGheads Blog » POW! – The Original Online Game? - National Center for the History of Electronic Games
Wow, interesting TV game info here... and not the kind of TV game you're thinking about.

You've got to have faith | Dopass.com
'So, for the management teams of our industry, I have a question: How can we prove to you we've learned from our mistakes if you never allow us to be in the position to make those mistakes again?'

Byteside » Blog Archive » Margaret Pomeranz on R18+
Hey, a film critic (a prominent Australian one, apparently) willing to talk about games (and ratings) cogently. How nice, Mr. Ebert. (Via Critical Distance.)

Top 5 Physics-Based Flash Games | Bytejacker
I know, Top 5s, but Bytejacker are smart indie folks (watch their video show!) and I hadn't played most of these neat physics games.

A Tree Falling in the Forest: Apple's Attempt to Reinvent the Game Business: Selling the Razors Edition
'The iPod is a great platform and the technology is great, but when we consider our leverage on the existing platforms relative to where the music business sits today, I think it is an offer we can refuse.'