Bit.Trip series developer Gaijin Games released a collection of songs from its first rhythm-based WiiWare game Bit.Trip Beat, a soundscape the studio describes as marking "the beginning of CommanderVideo’s aural journey from the ethereal to the corporeal."

Though half of the chiptune-inspired songs in the ten-track album are shorter than 40 seconds, the release does include the game's two tunes from noted micromusician Bit Shifter. Each of the Bit.Trip games feature a guest artist -- Core includes songs from Bubblyfish, while the upcoming Void promises tracks from Nullsleep.

The entire album is currently available to purchase and download from CDBaby, but Gaijin Games plans to have the Bit.Trip Beat soundtrack for sale through Amazon, iTunes, eMusic, and other services on October 27th.

[Via Gaijin Games]