Inspired by real-life forensic facial reconstruction, in which forensic artists recreate someone's face using their skull to get an idea of what they looked like alive, David Friedman enlisted his wife, an "amateur forensic reconstructionist", to draw the faces of three fictional but famous skeletons.

Above, we have Grim Fandango's calaca-style hero Manuel "Manny" Calavera, still grinning wide even with layers of skin stretched across his tall skull, and now with a fancy mustache. Friedman has also posted reconstructions for Skeletor and Jack Skellington.

If you remember The Excavation Of Mushroom Island, Logan Zawacki did something similar, except in reverse, showing what the excavated skeletons of Bowser, Birdo, Piranha Pete, and other Super Mario Bros. characters looked like. You can see 13 of them here.

[Via Super Punch]