Even in the game's early state, I love the design of Capsized's world, its alien flora and dangling vines nearly everywhere you look on the screen. Its verdant setting helped separate Alientrap's (Nexuiz) game from the cold, lifeless settings in the exploration-heavy series that initially came to mind while watching the above trailer, Metroid.

Many gamers across the pond, however, are comparing the game to Exile, the beloved 8-bit action game from Peter Irvin and Jeremy Smith that featured a complete physics engine, an amazing accomplishment for 1988. Exile had you stranded on an alien planet and searching for a missing research crew.

"The new trailer shows off the fast physics based gameplay of the platformer, along with it's stylized art and unique setting. The game will focus on fast-paced action along with physics-based puzzles, as the player attempts to exit the strange alien planet," says Alientrap's programmer and co-designer Lee Vermeulen.

Capsized is scheduled to release some time in 2010 through both Steam and XBLA. Alientrap is actually looking for several testers who have time to post detailed critiques and have "a long history in gaming and interest in retro gaming".

[Via IndieGames.com]