Other than the launch of 1UP's new game music-dedicated blog, this week's big chiptune news is the site launch and partial lineup released for New York City's three-day chip music and arts show Blip Festival.

Running December 17th to the 19th at Brooklyn's Bell House, the festival will feature celebrated acts like Bit Shifter, Disasterpeace, Leeni, Little-Scale, Nullsleep, and The J. Arthur Keenes Band.

I've included all of the announced artists after the break, but first I wanted to mention that Blip Festival's organizers (Manhattan arts organization The Tank and NYC art collective 8bitpeople) are looking for donations to help fund the event:

"... The same economic forces that are making fund-raising difficult for other organizations have affected the Blip Festival as well, and a significant grant we have traditionally received supporting previous festivals is not available to us this year.

Rather than scale back, we are moving forward with plans for an even greater variety of international performers, tighter performance integration with the design of Blip Festival's iconic pixel wall, and more related parties. But, times being what they are, we now need to call upon our friends and fans to kick in a little to help us out."

Blip Festival's organizers hope to raise $5,000 by mid-December and are offering unique incentives to reach that goal: an exclusive 8bitpeoples mp3 compilation, limited edition shirts created by chip music visualists, tickets to an exclusive Blip Festival post-show performance, an LSDJ Game Boy cartridge preloaded with .sav files from Blip Festival artists, an exclusive Blip Festival 2009 ROM flyer, and more.

Artists scheduled to perform at Blip Festival 2009 so far (more artists TBA):

  • Bit Shifter
  • Chromix
  • Disasterpeace
  • Failotron
  • Fighter X
  • I, Cactus
  • Je Deviens DJ En Trois Jours
  • Leeni
  • Little-scale
  • Nullsleep
  • Rainbowdragoneyes
  • The Hunters
  • The J. Arthur Keenes Band