axelpixelban.jpg[We round up the top console digital download news of the last week from GamerBytes, including brand-new game announcements and scoops from the world of Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, WiiWare, PSP Minis and DSiWare.]

Well, this week we'll be seeing the hardcore card battle game Panzer Generals and the incredibly casual game Tower Bloxx Deluxe for Xbox Live Arcade, and finally, finally, Trine is making its way to the United States on the PlayStation Network.

But over the past few days, there's been a bunch of other neat news in the console/handheld digital download space, including our regular monthly XBLA and PSN sales round-ups, new info on Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth for WiiWare, and Globulous coming to DSiWare.

Here's the top stories in the digital download space over the last seven days:

GamerBytes Originals

In-Depth: Xbox Live Arcade Sales Analysis, September 2009
"GamerBytes editor Ryan Langley examines September 2009's Xbox Live Arcade debuts and continuing successes, with charts and leaderboard data -- to find out what digital XBLA titles are flourishing into the Autumn."

In-Depth: North American PlayStation Network Sales Analysis, September 2009
"Following our look at Xbox Live Arcade, we now look at the top 10 digitally downloaded PlayStation 3 games for PlayStation Network."

Store Updates

XBLA Update - Axel & Pixel, Sam & Max: Beyond Time And Space, Hasbro Bargains
NA PSN Store Update - Mushroom Wars, Buzz Jr. Monster Rally, Topatoi, Detuned, Tomb Raider: TLR
EU PSN Store Update - Mushroom Wars, Wipeout HD Bundle, Detuned, UNO, Yeti Sports
NA Nintendo Update - Pulse Pinball DSi, Gravitronix, Final Fight 2
EU Nintendo Update - Little Tournament Over Younder, Heron: Steam Machine, Viking Invasion, Wakugumi, Return Of The Jedi

Microsoft (Xbox Live Arcade, XBL Indie Games)

Lead & Gold Shoots From The Hip
"New developer Fatshark are looking to break into the digital realm with a new team-based multiplayer game. The twist? It's set in the Wild West."

Indie Watch: Weapon Of Choice Lowers Price
"Nathan Fouts' top rating Indie Game Weapon Of Choice has dropped its price from its original 400MSP ($5) price point to the now affordable 240MSP ($3)."

XBL Indie Watch - Go! Go! Ninja Bros
"Indie Developer Dot Zo Games have been pushing out a few Xbox Live Indie Games over the past couple of months - but today's release truly shines above the rest."

Sony (PlayStation Network, PSP Minis)

Madden NFL Arcade Hits In December, First Screens
"Back in August, the topic of a Madden NFL Arcade game popped up in an earnings report. Now the game has officially been announced, and the first screens are here."

Nintendo (WiiWare, DSiWare)

First Screens Of Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth Emerge
"The latest issue of Famitsu Magazine has revealed the first information of Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth, a dramatically overhauled version of the original Game Boy game."

Dragon's Lair Coming To DSiWare
"After some potentially less interesting WiiWare titles like Word Searcher, Digital Leisure is going into the back catalog, and serving up some Dragon's Lair on DSiWare."

Have A Globulos Party On Your DSi
"Web developer GlobZ have now revealed that their popular web game Globulos will be coming to DSiWare, complete with all the turn-based sports you'll ever need."