Ask any hip-hop head to list their top three GOATs (Greatest Of All Time), dead or alive, and more often than not, right behind Tupac and Biggie, they'll cite MC Double Def DP the Disk Protector, star of the classic anti-piracy video "Don’t Copy That Floppy" (watch the original after the break).

The fierce lyricist kept out of the spotlight since that 1992 diamond hit, but DP has returned seventeen years later with the Software & Information Industry Association to release "Don't Copy That 2", a sequel that calls attention to software piracy in the digital age,.

While I'm not sure why DP brought in Klingons for the production (Wouldn't Orions have been more appropriate?), DP presents the best music video argument for why kids don't want to go to jail since Ice Cube's "Check Yo Self".

The SIIA even brings out 24-year-old pirate Jeremiah Mondello, currently doing a four-year bid in a federal prison for using stolen bank account information to create fake eBay/PayPal identities and sell pirated software on eBay. If DP's Morpheus get-up doesn't scare you into cleaning up your pirating act, perhaps Mondello's warning will.

"We hope ‘Don’t Copy That 2’ will prevent piracy by helping people, young and old, make better choices when it comes to downloading or purchasing copyrighted works," says SIAA's SVP of Intellectual Property Policy and Enforcement. "People may think they can save or make money by engaging in piracy. But, as demonstrated in the video, it’s really a game of Russian roulette with serious consequences.”

Is it just me, or does DP's "Don't Copy that... What?" chorus remind you of another (slightly NSFW) Youtube music video?