“What if there was physical proof that the Super Mario Bros mythology existed a long time ago on a lost chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean? Would you believe this fictional universe once existed if there was tangible evidence to prove it did?"

The Excavation of Mushroom Island is a new self-published book that asks those questions while chronicling the findings of author and archaeologist Logan Zawacki as his team explores Mushroom Island, the once-thought fabled land that served as the basis for so many Super Mario Bros. myths.

Offering up 76 informative pages covering the author's discoveries, "The Excavation of Mushroom Island" includes "a detailed chronology of the cultures that inhabited the islands between the Arcadic Period and the Early Snesolithic Period". It also features marked maps and profiles for over 30 documented fossils.

You can purchase softcover copies of the book at Blurb.com for $50. Zawacki is also selling limited edition hardcover copies of "The Excavation of Mushroom Island" (100, signed and numbered).

[Via Albotas]