Sega's stalwart fans in Brazil will have their faith rewarded soon with licensor Tectoy's upcoming hardware update for its Mega Drive/Genesis line, the Mega Drive 4 Guitar Idol.

The system will include two six-button controllers, a five-button Guitar Hero/Rock Band-style guitar controller, and 87 built-in games (Altered Beast, Golden Axe III, FIFA 2008, etc.) -- all of which were also included in the previous Mega Drive 3 model, with the exception of Guitar Idol.

Co-developed by Tectoy and Interama, Guitar Idol is developed completely from scratch and offers 50 songs from both local groups (Raimundos, Fresno) and international acts like Deep Purple and Mötorhead. You can see the full tracklist on Tectoy's site.

Interama has posted screenshots from the Portugese 2D music game:

[Via Sega Nerds]