If you've ever wanted to wake up in the middle of the night and feel a jolt of terror grip at your racing heart after seeing a sinister pair of red eyes staring back at you from a far, dark corner in your bedroom, SOTA Toys has a figurine that will help you realize that nightmare.

The toy company will release this 12" Shin Akuma polyresin statue exclusively through Slideshow Collectibles later this year. It looks a lot like the standard Akuma figure SOTA also plans to release, except with white hair, darker skin, a darker gi, a different symbol on his back, and battery-powered LED eyes -- according to Capcom, it looks like the eyes follow you when you move side to side.

And If the thought of Akuma waking you up to unleash his Shin Shun Goku Satsu super on your face isn't scary enough, perhaps the price will dissuade you from picking one up -- $139.99! I suppose that cost justifies all the detail SOTA is putting into the toy; check out those disgusting toenails!

[Via Capcom]