Taking advantage of all the attention paid to the Dreamcast's 10th anniversary today, homebrew developer Senile Team (Beats of Rage) formally announced Rush Rush Rally Racing, a Super Off Road-style, top-down 2D racing game that promises "no sponsored cars, no realistic environments -- just plain old fun!"

Releasing this October but available for preorders now, Rush Rush Rally Racing features four difficulty levels, three multiplayer modes (for up to four players) five cars, ten single-play race tracks, nine multiplayer race tracks, animated cut scenes, rumble back support autosave to VMU, online high scores, and more.

Senile Team says the game is region-free and supports PAL (50/60 Hz), NTSC, and VGA displays. You can see screenshots and read more details on Rush Rush Rally Racing at the developer's site.

It looks really fun! Let's all hope Sega reveals backwards compatibility support for the Dreamcast 2 when the company announces the system later today.

[Via Bitmob]