I haven't paid attention to the casual gaming portal since Sega launched it last December, but PlaySega recently added two offerings that caught my attention, the first of which is its Sonic The Hedgehog Level Creator, a good substitute for Project Needlemouse while we wait on more information/media on that.

The level editor allows paid VIP members to create and share 2D Sonic the Hedgehog stages. You won't need a subscription to play user-created levels in your browser, however, and you can do so without having to download any programs or plug-ins.

If you do decide to grab a VIP membership so you can access the level creator and the site's 40+ VIP browser-ported games (Comix Zone, Shining Force, etc.), make sure to grab the PlaySega Joypad, a limited edition white controller white modeled after the Japanese Sega Saturn pad. The PC controller is available for free if you sign up for a 3+ months subscription, and will begin shipping October 19th.

[Via Mama Robotnik]