Developer and publisher Namco Bandai announced Namco Sounds, an iTunes-exclusive music label that will sell remastered soundtracks of the company's games online, starting with Pac-Man, Xevious, and Soulcalibur Suite: The Resonance of Souls and Swords.

You can purchase each individual track for $.99 or the game's entire album for $2.99 ($2.97 for Soulcalibur) -- considering that most of the Pac-Man and Xevious "songs" run under ten seconds, you probably want to just grab the full albums.

Soulcalibur Suite commemorates this week's release of Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny for PSP. The album features songs from the fighting game series's anime and games performed by the Australia-based Eminence Symphony Orchestra.

Namco Sounds intends to post additional music from the company's catalog on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month.