Filipino artist Chad Manzo posted a few "copy-less posters" from his portfolio working with music production unit Sonic Boom, including this art of M. Bison playing the part of a severe instructor to his minions -- it looks like he just rapped the knuckles of his Shadaloo students. Why else did you think Sagat had bandages all over his hands?

On a kind of related note, I went to school in the Philippines for a year (second grade), and the teachers there were no joke. One particular instructor, a nun, had a favorite punishment -- she would make troublemakers kneel in front of the class, hold their arms out with their palms facing up, and place heavy books on top of their palms to hold up for the rest of the class. Crazy!

But I digress. I've included more of Manzo's video game-inspired posters, like Mario imagining his Princess cheating on him with his arch-enemy (Didn't Peach actually sort of marry Bowser in Super Paper Mario?), below. You can also see more of his work on the artist's portfolio site.