Released last year, D2K: Jump Man Returns is an unauthorized ROM upgrade/hack for the original Donkey Kong machine, doubling the game's stage count to eight and adding other convenient features (top five high scores/initials, freeplay mode, intermissions, and more).

The four new stages include the Foundry, in which you hop over flaming pits and ride steel beams; the Mixer, a level filled with pies on conveyor belts; the Refinery, where you switch off oil valves while dodging wandering flames; and the Incinerator, which has everything -- pies, conveyor belts, and flames -- all working to stop you from reaching your kidnapped love Pauline.

D2K creator Jeff Kulczycki recently talked with classic arcade gaming site Coinopspace, answering dozens of questions about technical details like fireball AI and more general inquiries like the best way to learn how to program video games. He revealed that while he did contact Nintendo about the game, and while the company hasn't given him a nod of approval, it hasn't sent a cease and desist demand either.

"I did send them the game and a 'promo package' with artwork and concept sketches and a bunch of stuff." says Kulczycki. "Things seemed positive at first, but unfortunately nothing ever came of it. They have strict policies about accepting outside submissions. If you all like the game then let Nintendo know. It would be nice to get them on board 'officially'."

The developer also talked about how his familiarity with the original Donkey Kong arcade game's code has led to many consulting his expertise both to possibly cheat (or at least have a better knowledge of the game to have that extra edge) and to stop cheaters:

Coinopspace: How can I tell when Donkey Kong is about to throw a "wild barrel" in the original game?

Jeff Kulczycki: Funny but I get these questions all the time. I think King of Kong has people shooting for High Scores and they want to get the inside scoop on how it works.

I got a call from Walter Day one day out of the blue… This was right after the movie was shown at [California Extreme ]. He wanted to know all about how hard it would be to cheat in DK. We talked for hours. To answer your question, it’s random. I know it’s a lame answer but I don’t really think that you can tell.

You can read the entire Q&A transcript at Rotheblog.