Konami and Sinister Pointe, the haunted attractions company behind last year's Saw haunted house, announced a Silent Hill-themed labyrinth opening at Sinister Pointe in Orange County, California

Inspired by the survival horror game series and the films, the Silent Hill maze is set in a vacant movie theater sized at over 10,000 square feet -- that's a lot of room for people to hide around and jump out of corners to scare you! If the attraction has faceless nurses that are even half as scary as the cosplay we featured last May, this thing is too scary for me.

The haunted house will run from October 2nd to October 31st (with a special media and public preview this Friday), and will herald the November 2nd release of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Konami's Wii remake of the first Silent Hill PlayStation 1 game.

Apparently, someone heard about the attraction's upcoming opening and broke into the labyrinth last night to get an early peek. You can watch a video from the trespassing adventure below:

It's a good thing the intruder shot this with an iPhone and could upload it to Youtube even after his encounter with whatever it was he ran into. You can find ticketing information for the attraction on Sinister Pointe's official site.