It's kind of unfortunate that Konami attached the Road Fighter name to this new arcade game; from what I remember of the original mid-80s arcade/MSX/NES game, the first Road Fighter was terrible! Even as a kid, I didn't appreciate the racer's boring tracks and simple mechanics. Now Bump N Jump, that was a fantastic top-down arcade and 8-bit driving game.

Anyway, this upcoming Road Fighters (with an added "s") arcade game differs much from the original, presenting the racer with 3D graphics and much more interesting courses and vehicles. As with the first game, though, you have to get to the head of the pack without running into others and damaging your own car too much.

Konami R&D brought a 30% complete version of the game out for a location test in Japan last week week, according to a report from Arcade Heroes. Road Fighters is slated to support online multiplayer, just like Taito's own upcoming arcade racer Top Speed. I wonder if the music in the above video is from the game's soundtrack? Probably not, but I hope so -- that song is sweet.

You can watch a video of the original Road Fighters's NES version below: