One last art post for the day! Philadelphia's Klein Art Gallery opens Ready>Run, its new exhibit exploring chiptune music and its culture, this Saturday (running until November 7th.

The show will present original music and visual art created with early video game hardware. Beyond just displaying works from the micromusic scenes, Ready>Run seeks to show chip music as "an emerging genre as it continues to challenge and reflect the identity of contemporary art on an international level."

Alex "enso" Bond, the artist behind pixelart blog Pixelstyle and the visuals for Pulsewave's monthly ROM flyers, will hang up some his art at the exhibit. He also put together the above flyer. Here are a couple samples of his work:

Richard Alexander Caraballo, a.k.a. minusbaby, who recently released his new album Left and an accompanying remix album with songs from other artists, will also have his work at the show. You can watch a music video for one of the songs from Left, "A Large Part of Your Mind Sliced", shot by 2 Player Productions, below:

Hardware hacker Jeff "noteNdo" Donaldson and noted micromusician Nullsleep (look for his music in Gaijin Games' upcoming WiiWare title Bit.Trip.Void) are on Ready>Run's lineup, too. The two artists recently collaborated for Nullsleep's music video "Dirty ROM Dance Mix", which features noteNdo's "glitch textures":

The exhibit will also feature Don "No Carrier" Miller, the coder behind Pulsewave's ROM flyers and open source NES picture app GalleryNES. You can see his recent collaboration with Alex Mauer for the latter's album Vegavox II, which came packaged in an NES cart:

Other Ready>Run artists include Will "VBLANK" Lindsay, Joey "Animal Style" Mariano, Paul Slocum, Dan Winckler, and Drexel University's Music & Entertainment Technology Laboratory (MET-Lab). After the gallery opening, Philly's Studio 34 will host monthly chiptune show 8Static, with Lissajou, Disasterpiece, noteNdo, and VBLANK slated to perform.