To promote the upcoming PSP/PS3-exclusive Gravity Crash, the Geometry Wars-esque "retro evolved blast-em-up", Sony and developer Just Add Water are have released two music remixes from the game's soundtrack, composed by Tim "CoLD SToRAGE" Wright (Wipeout, Project Moonbounce).

The two tracks, "SCARFACE X-TEND Mix" and "CLIFF DIVER BIG LEAP Mix", are available as a "virtual vinyl single" on CoLD SToRAGE's Bandcamp site. You can stream them for free or download the songs (with high resolution packaging and vinyl images) in your format of choice by purchasing them for ₤1.59, or $2.60.

With the release of these songs and the soundtrack for Sidhe's Shatter recently, I'm really enjoying PSN developers putting out their music for fans to listen to through Bandcamp. More studios should do this!