Though the Xbox 360 isn't nearly as popular in Japan as it is in other territories, that didn't stop Microsoft from bringing Project Natal, its gesture/voice-based peripheral for the console, to this week's Tokyo Game Show.

Here, Microsoft director Kudo Tsunoda and his oversized sunglasses show off a couple Project Natal demos (starting around the 02:10 mark), Ricochet and Burnout Paradise, for a local news show. There seems to be a little lag between the player's and the on-screen character's movement in the Ricochet demonstration, but the Burnout Paradise problems look like oversteering issues on the player's part.

Even if you don't watch the entire video, make sure to at least check out the brief hilarious bit around 03:35 when Tsunoda slowly claps with the Japanese host, cheering, "Yes, very good for you. I'm so happy," before turning to flash us a cheesy smile and give us a thumbs up.

[Via kpop100]