Back once more, it's time to go through the top full-length features of the past week on big sister site Gamasutra, in both feature and news form, plus some GameCareerGuide features du jour.

Some of these highlights include a super-smart interview with Tetris co-pilot Henk Rogers (pictured!), a reprinted postmortem of RealTime Worlds' first game, the 'sleeper' open-world title Crackdown, plus ten years of the Dreamcast and a whole heap more neatness.

Here's the top pieces:

The Man Who Won Tetris
"Gamasutra talks to Henk Rogers, the man who licensed Alexey Pajitnov's Tetris for console systems and runs The Tetris Company. But he's doing a lot more than just that, from online world Blue Mars to working on ecological foundations."

The Rise And Fall Of The Dreamcast
"In this ten-year Dreamcast retrospective, Gamasutra looks back at Sega's last effort in the console market through interviews with former president of Sega of America Bernie Stolar, former Sega execs Peter Moore and Charles Bellfield, and former vice president of Electronic Arts, Bing Gordon."

The History of Star Raiders: Taking Command
"In this game history article, Loguidice and Barton examine Doug Neubauer's 1979 space sim for the Atari 8-bit computers, Star Raiders, "one of those rare games that can truly be said to have been ahead of its time", and the genre it birthed."

Postmortem: Realtime Worlds' Crackdown
"In this Gamasutra bonus feature, published online for the first time in honor of Realtime Worlds' upcoming APB and spinoff studio Ruffian's Crackdown 2, we reprint Game Developer magazine's October 2007 postmortem of RTW's first project, the Xbox 360-exclusive open world action game Crackdown."

From Sierra To Korea: J. Mark Hood's New Way
"In this interview, Gamasutra talks to free-to-play MMO firm Reality Gap's co-founder J. Mark Hood about his background in the industry, the concept of running a virtual economy in an MMO with no item stores, but only players purchasing from each other, and more."
The Lost Art of Conversation In Games
"In his masters studies in media technology and games at IT University, Oluf Pedersen examined the evolution of conversation systems in games -- from Commodore 64 to Xbox 360."

Developing Wings of Apocalypse
"Student developer Roger Hicks recaps the development process for the game he worked on with other student collaborators -- including what he learned from playtesting, promotion, and working as a team."

Stardock's Wardell: Digital Distribution Will 'Save PC,' Say Retail Publishers
"Digital distribution is "going to save PC" in the eyes of many retail publishers, says Stardock CEO Brad Wardell; he gives Gamasutra his market estimates and explains why Valve's Steam and Stardock's Impulse are "not mutually exclusive.""

2009 GDC China Announces Mechner Keynote
"GDC China organizers have announced that Prince Of Persia franchise creator, game designer, and screenwriter Jordan Mechner will deliver a keynote address at the 2009 Game Developers Conference China in Shanghai next month."

Interview: Why Alex Seropian Sold To Disney
"Halo co-creator and Wideload founder Alex Seropian sold his independent studio to Disney Interactive Studios. But he tells Gamasutra the creative spark remains, as Disney plans a "big original hit" under his watch."