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As the week wends on, time for a little more GameSetLink-age, starting with Magical Wasteland's Matthew talking (at least vaguely) about his new indie projects - which I've seen a little of, and seem to be rather interesting.

Also in here - Chris Hecker leaving Maxis for a life of crime, Edge on the BBC miniseries about Spectrum creator Sir Clive Sinclair, classic game hardware design mistakes, JP LeBreton on 'imaginative play', and rather more things besides.

Ho ho ho:

Now More Magical Than Ever Before (Magical Wasteland)
The hilarious Mr. Wasteland (also the GDMag humor columnist) semi-outs himself as he goes indie, hurray.

Sir Clive Vs The BBC | Edge Online
Behind the scenes on that v.interesting Sir Clive Sinclair BBC project.

CHEGheads Blog » Why collect gaming magazines? - National Center for the History of Electronic Games
Heartily agreed: 'Rereading these magazines reminds us that preserving the history of electronic games means much more than saving just the games themselves.'

vector poem » Imaginative Play
Another lyrical piece: 'I want to make games that people want to invite into their imaginations.'

Fifteen Classic Game Console Design Mistakes | Technologizer
'Along the way, companies have often slipped up and made mistakes that came back to haunt them later–some of which were so serious that they helped to destroy platforms and even entire corporations.'

Elvis Has Left The Building - Chris Hecker's Website
Hecker leaves Maxis, is working on SpyParty as an indie now, woo.