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As you see this, I'll likely be swanning around Penny Arcade Expo (or probably asleep, post-swanning, actually), but the GameSetLinks must continue, and though updates are now fractured, I promise to bring you the best links you missed, or else.

This set of URLs includes Ubisoft Montreal's Ben Mattes thinking carefully and rationalizing those 'more rabid' forumgoers and how he thinks developers should approach them, as well as a v.odd Speed Demos Archive interview, some more indie games coverage, a pointed jab at how female characters are sometimes treated in games, and much more.

Ho ho ho:

Speed Demos Archive interviews Sattik 'Tiki' Ghosh
Wow, this is a robustly stupid interview. And that picture...

Women aren't Vending Machines: How video games perpetuate the commodity model of sex | GameCritics.com
'What the vast majority of these games inevitably do is present relationship mechanics that distill the commodity model down to its essence—you talk to the NPC enough, and give them enough presents, and then they have sex with/marry you.' Via Wonderland.

Wild Tyme: [232] 20 Indie Games That You Really Should Try
Nice list - there's a linked Google doc too.

toomuchimagination: Forums - To Read, or Not To Read
'Forum members, it could be argued, are more 'hardcore' fans who often have very specific expectations of what a title should or should not be. There is a risk that in trying to cater too directly to this one subset the developer would alienate others. Of course the opposite is also true, and thus the quandary.'

good game get! - FINAL FANTASY Episode 12: A New Hope

The Game of Life « Spectre Collie
I missed this on the first go-around, but it's a really well thought-out discussion of the issues at hand.