[If you work in the game biz, you know that tools are a big deal - so hopefully you can help us nominate for sister mag Game Developer's latest Front Line Awards, honoring the best tools, books, and other aids out there.]

The editors of Game Developer magazine have announced that nominations for the historic 12th Annual Front Line Awards are now open, continuing the magazine's tradition of honoring excellence and innovation in tools for game development.

The Front Line Awards are highly regarded in the industry as among the most important awards to honor the year's best development software for programming, art, audio, middleware, game engines, and books.

Nominations from the game development community are accepted during a fixed period of time. While a great many considerations go into determining a winner, innovation is the real name of the game.

Products are nominated in all categories by the readers of Game Developer magazine and Gamasutra. Once all nominations are in, the editors of Game Developer and Gamasutra will select finalists and the readers of Game Developer will ultimately determine the winners in each category.

Nominations are open from September 21st, 2009, through October 9th, 2009, to all new products and new versions of products related to game development released between September 1, 2008, and August 31, 2009 (betas are not eligible). Front Line Award finalists will be announced in the December 2009 issue and winners will be revealed in the January 2010 issue of Game Developer.

To nominate a product -- whether a satisfied user or a creator of that product -- please visit the 12th Annual Front Line Awards website and fill in the supplied form.