Edmund McMillen (Coil, Super Meat Boy) and William Good released Time Fcuk, a cautionary puzzle-platformer about why you shouldn't mess around with time travel or let others (or yourself) convince you to jump into a box.

Despite its familiar switch hitting, portal hopping, and dimension flipping tricks, the browser-based game is far from a traditional platformer, mostly due to messages you receive future and past versions of yourself stuck in different rooms. At first, their texts are helpful, guiding you through the different areas, but they degenerate into paranoid ramblings, leaving you to wonder if there really is a way out of this world you've been transported to.

You can play Time Fcuk for free on Newgrounds. Note that in addition to offering a unpredictable story campaign, the game allows you to create your own levels, play user-created levels, and jump into a simulation of a full game that combines random user-created levels arranged by difficulty.