Fondly recounting her trips through Colossal Cave Adventure, Mari Michaelis created a charming, nostalgic map for the classic adventure game's labyrinthine network of canyons and twisty passages. The guide is based on Will Crowther and Don Woods's 350 point version from 1976, so don't rely on it if you're playing through newer versions and variants!

Though Michaelis clearly put a lot of work into the diagram -- decorating it with dragons, bears, and other useful visual details -- she asks that players who haven't yet memorized the maze to and achieved Master Adventurer status to hold off on examining the spoiler-filled map, assuring them that they'll appreciate the game more without the map.

You can view the full Colossal Cave Adventure map and print out an 8 1/2 x 11 version on Michaelis' site.

[Via @textfiles]