Indie game developer Digital Eel is giving away its strategy/adventure game Strange Adventures In Infinite Space (SAIS) for free. Originally released in 2002 for PC and Mac, SAIS was a 2003 IGF finalist and the predecessor to the studio's 2006 IGF-winning game (for Innovation in Audio) Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space.

In the seven-year-old title, players "explore a randomly created universe, meet aliens, [and] acquire artifacts in the name of scientific progress and stellar manifest destiny". Designed to be played in 20 minutes in around 5-20 minutes, SAIS features 21 ship types, 69 weapons/drives/shields/gadgets/artifacts, 18 alien lifeforms, 7 alien races, and 17 kinds of planets and star types.

Digital Eel also announced that it's posted Soup du Jour -- a physics-based match-three PC game that has you clearing colorful, bouncing candy while Kitchen Gremlins send bombs and missiles in your soup pot -- for free downloads, too.