Canabalt, the Experimental Gameplay Project release that's received much press since debuting last week, will receive an iPhone port some time this month, courtesy of developer Adam "Atomic" Saltsman's two-man studio Semi-Secret Software.

The iPhone edition will feature a new aspect ratio, new and larger artwork, local high scores, and possibly more additions yet to be revealed. Otherwise, the release should be a straight port of the one-button game. You can play the Flash version of Canabalt, mocked up to fit in an iPhone's screen, at Semi-Secret's teaser site.

Saltsman hopes to give away free promo codes to players that donate $10 or more through the traditional Canabalt Flash game, according to our sister site Indie Games. You can also get a five minute long MP3 of the game's soundtrack composed by Danny Baranowsky and two Canabalt-themed desktop wallpapers if you donate.