As part of his insane goal to produce a game a week for the next year, British coder Jayenkai produced this fusion of Tetris and Pong, Tetripong, which has you trying to clear lines of blocks as you would in a traditional Tetris game, except with the bouncing Pong balls threatening to knock out essential blocks from your game.

To add even more anxiety (underwater levels in anything put me on edge), there's a mechanic that slowly fills your screen with water, only draining when you clear a line in the game. The game would likely be more interesting if a second player could jump in and bat the balls around, tormenting the Tetris player, but don't forget that this was programmed in just a week!

You can download Tetripong for free from Jayenkai's site. Note that he was also the developer behind Centipong, which looks more fun than it has any right to be:

[Via Retro Remakes]