Most who've seen Hudson's Tower of Shadow can think of at least one existing game or property to compare the Wii platformer to -- several have pointed out the similarities in mechanics and concept to Shadow Physics, and I like to think it's based on the concept of Peter Pan's untethered shadow, but the most common comparison is with Team Ico's games.

Some fans of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus appreciate the similar character and environment designs, but others like Eastern Mind took offense, calling out Hudson for its "brazen willingness to copy, paste and viciously manipulate the aesthetics from both Team Ico games in what has to do with distorted shadows, the boyish character, locations and above all, lighting and color."

When naming his inspiration for the game's art style, however, Tower of Shadow's chief designer Osamu Tsuchihashi's didn't bring up Team Ico's Fumito Ueda, instead acknowledging renowned filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki and his work with late 70s anime Future Boy Conan. He describes the show as his "all time favorite classic animation".

He also told Nintendo Power that his ideas for Tower of Shadow partly came from his memories of playing Shadow Tag:

"I was heading to work as usual when I passed by some kids playing in a park nearby my house. That’s when I stopped and pondered the many playground games I would have to teach my newborn baby. Just then, I remembered a game we used to play called Shadow Tag, where the goal was to step on the other kid’s shadow.

There was one rule where we weren’t allowed to hide within another shadow. The grassy lot where this game was usually conducted was bordered with shadows made by the buildings where we lived. In a way, this game is a recreation of my childhood memories."

[Via Nintendo DPad]