The Independent Gaming Source's forumers have put out the first public release of their work-in-progress community project, Indie Brawl, a 2D "multiplayer fighting extravaganza".

As with similar games like the Super Smash Bros. and Jump Ultimate/Super Stars series, Indie Brawl features a diverse roster of fighters pulled from different sources, except from independent games instead of Nintendo title or popular manga.

This 0.1 build includes three "complete" fighters -- Naija (Aquaria), The Golden Knight (Bonesaw), and Liero (Liero) -- as well as several incomplete characters like Xoda Rap (Noitu Love 2) and Dwarf (Dwarf Fortress). Other slated appearances include Spelunker (Spelunky), Blue Knight (Castle Crashers), Gish (Gish), and many more.

The TIGSource developers plan to support battles for up to eight players in teams or as individuals, and several different modes, such as Tug of War, Team Frag, and Time Modes. Also like Super Smash Bros., power-ups and weapons will litter Indie Brawl's stages.

You can download the 0.1 build and find more information on the game at TIGSource forum's Indie Brawl thread.